Our Staff


Mark Boundy,  Asst Chief Instructor

Mark Boundy is a retired Marine Corps Colonel and is our Assistant Chief Instructor for Cecil Field.  Colonel Boundy conducts Stage Checks and teaches all courses of instruction.

**Mark Boundy was our CFI of the Year for 2018**

William Derr, Asst Chief Instructor

Bill Derr comes to us from the Jax Navy Flying Club and is a retired Navy Commander. Bill is our Part 141 designated Assistant Chief Instructor and teaches Private, Instrument and Commercial.  He joined our cadre in May 2018.

**Bill Derr is our CFI of the Year for 2019**

Steven Martin, Flight Instructor (Primary and Instrument)

Steven Martin is a Marine Corp veteran and joined Sunrise Aviation in 2019.  Steven was trained here in Jacksonville and teaches students in our Private, Instrument and Commercial courses.

Rory Martin, Flight Instructor (Primary and Instrument)

Rory Martin originally joined our team in 2015 after serving in the Marines, then went to fly drones overseas for 3 years at as a private contractor.  Rory re-joined the team in 2019 to finish what he started.  Rory teaches students in our Private and Commercial courses.

Jeremiah Canty, Flight Instructor (Primary)

Jeremiah Canty joined Sunrise Aviation Summer 2020 and is a graduate of the Florida Stage College Jacksonville Professional Pilot degree program.  Jeremiah was born and raised in Jacksonville and teaches our Private and Commercial courses.

Mike Wallen, Dispatch Operations Officer

Mike Wallen is the leader of the Dispatch Operations Team and comes to Sunrise after 27 years at American Airlines as a ramp agent.  Mike is also a Private Pilot and has been at Sunrise since Spring of 2014.

Vicky Wallen, Dispatcher

Carmen “Vicky” Wallen is our afternoon Dispatcher and is married to Mike.  She comes to Sunrise after 26 years at American Airlines as a ramp agent. Vicky has been at Sunrise since Spring of 2014 and she holds a Student Pilot Certificate.

Marcela Sipos, Dispatch Officer

Marcela Sipos joined Sunrise Aviation in April 2018. Her previous experience as a customer service representative makes her a perfect addition to our Sunrise family.

John Carmen, A&P Mechanic / IA

Dr. John Carmen is our airplane mechanic and has both his A & P certificate and his I.A. He is also an instructor at another major aviation university.

Your 2017 Distinguished Flight School Staff