Flight training accomplishments

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Sunrise Flight Academy welcomes Chris Lacroix to the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ranks.  Lacroix is an F-15 pilot with the Air National Guard and passed his ATP checkride on Saturday morning with examiner Matt Blythe.

Cheng Chen passed his Private Pilot checkride with examiner Jay Lawrence this past week.  Chen is in the Navy and his goal is to be an airline pilot.

Carlos Maldonado passed his Instrument Stage 2 flight w/ Asst Chief Pilot JJ Guerra.  Maldonado will now proceed to the final stage of Instruments with a goal of graduating next month.

David Achramowicz passed his Commercial Stage 2 Check w/ Chief Instructor Billy Walker on Friday.  David is in sales and will be learning Commercial highwork maneuvers in Stage 3 starting next week.

Congrats to all of these gentlemen on their accomplishments this past week!

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