Instrument Rating Course

Sunrise Aviation at Jacksonville offers the Instrument Rating Course either under an FAA Approved Part 141 program or Part 61 program. If students already meet the 50 hour Pilot-in-Command cross country requirement, they may want to consider the Part 61 variation. Both programs will utilize the rigorous Sunrise Aviation syllabus. The Part 141 Instrument Rating Course is also VA approved and may be utilized by veterans with Post 9/11 and many other types of GI Bill and Veterans benefits.

Sunrise Aviation offers the Cessna 172 (R model) for our Instrument Rating Course.  The C-172R boasts a fully updated GPS for learning RNAV/GPS approaches.  RNAV/GPS are the most popular types of approaches world-wide.  Below are estimates for these variations based on Part 141 minimum times. These courses will also utilize the Florida State College at Jacksonville Advanced Aviation Training Devices (Redbird LD) for a very nominal fee.

Instrument Rating Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Instrument Rating C172
Flight Training # of Hours Cost
Cessna 172 (Dual) 25 $7,942.00
Redbird LD AATD (Dual) 14 $840.00
Ground, Pre & Post Flight Briefings 20 $1,200.00
Total $9,982.00

Estimated costs do not include FL sales tax (if applicable). Costs are only an estimate. Final price depends on factors such as ability, knowledge, and weather. Estimate does not include cost of FAA Knowledge Test or Practical Test. Books, charts, and other materials not included. Contact us for an estimate of these additional costs.