Sunrise approved for Trans State Airlines transitions!

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Sunrise Aviation is proud to announce that we are the newest flight school approved for the Trans States Airlines transition program.  This program will allow active and retired helicopter pilots with 750 hours to obtain fixed-wing transition training for free.  Trans States Airlines will pay up to $38,000 for qualified pilots to transition to airplanes, and these pilots will have guaranteed airline jobs waiting for them at the end of training.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Sunrise Aviation will do an audit of your flying hours to determine how much fixed wing time you need.
2.  Trans States pays the flight school directly for your training, up to $38,000.
3.  You complete your training with the flight school (a minimum of 75 hours per month is required).
4.  Upon completion of ATP or R-ATP minimums, you become a Trans States Airlines First Officer.

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